Hello Darlings!

Hey. It's been a while. Well, longer than a while. I didn't mean to not post anything for this long of a period, but I'm back from my "little" break.

Things got a bit busy after my last post. It has also been so...cold out. Which means I haven't been in the mood to do much of anything but sit in a blanket fort and drink wine. So, here I am. Back at the blog! I guess I should do a quick update of what I am up to, huh?

Today I am happy to publish my cosplay site. I really wanted a space to put all my cosplay and con plans. I'll still somewhat talk about cosplay on here, but if you really want to get all the details go to MissDanaBelle

Other than that, I have been patiently waiting for warmer weather to stick around. Today a Titan is tearing down the nice weather walls, eating our dreams of sunbathing, and snowing/ice raining on our happiness.

Just look at this jerk. Levi halp!
On a serious note, I hope everyone stays safe during this storm. I also hope this is the last of these awful winter storms. Love you guys!


Photo from: Funimation Blog