NYCC 2013!

I recently attended New York Comic Con, and had a grand ol' time. I went all four days with a group of friends. I have never had so much fun at a con before. This is the best one I have attended so far. There were so many people and everyone was very nice and social. I really enjoyed cosplaying at a con this size as well. I'll do a quick day by day run down so you know what I was up to.

First day of the con. I was all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Not at all ready for how overwhelmed I would be once we walked in. :) I basically just explored the main areas, checked out the Kotobukiya panel, and met some sweet people.
With Cupcake and LeeAnna. Such a happy photo.

 I cosplayed Melty Granite. I am beyond thrilled by how much people enjoyed this costume. All that hard work really paid off! I was even photographed for mtv. View that here!

 This day ended up being the most pleasantly random. Had a wonderful photo shoot with Shelley, that I can't wait to see the photos of! She is so nice and I had a lot of fun working with her. Earlier that day, as I was waiting for my shoot, Ming of Comic book Men walked right by me! Of course I was hit by the shy bug and was not able to say hi. NEXT TIME. After the shoot, my bestie and I ended up playing Just Dance for a show that was streaming live. It was pretty hilarious. I had no clue what I was doing but somehow won. Go figure! We later explored artist alley some more.

Another day a new cosplay. This time as Sailor Ironman. A few people were confused and thought I was Sailor Mars. Haha no biggie. ^^ Went to the Once Upon a Time panel! It was actually the only panel I made it to that day. I attempted to go to The Walking Dead panel, but it was already full. We decided to go relax a bit before going to the NYCC Cosplay Afterparty. My friend, hubby and I got to meet Yaya Han there. She is stunning. Her cosplay was flawless. I am sososo happy to have met her.
 I changed out of my boots because they were not kind to me. :P ouchy.

The last day. By this time I was completely out of it, but still not ready for the con to end. I spent the day admiring cosplayers and shopping around artist alley and the show floor. As I was going about the show floor I realized I missed SO MUCH STUFF. I have no clue how I didn't see everything the other 3 days haha. Here is what I ended up buying!

Two Harley Quinn prints from Jamie Tyndall (who is one of my favorite artist, check him out!). I plan to cosplay one of these. A print of the beautiful LeeAnnaVAMP.

I am very happy to have gotten these two books! Shakespeare Star Wars was such a fun find. The chopsticks were a gift from the Kotobukiya toy panel. Can't wait to use these. Also grabbed a FiendorFauxx shirt at Vampybitme's booth. I just love it!! This shirt is definitely an instant fave.

There you have it! A little bit of my experience at nycc. I didn't even mention half of the stuff I did! It was a fun time but it is nice to be home sweet home. Time to unwind and not wear makeup for a week! :D

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