Cosplay Update!

Throw the confetti because it is time for a cosplay update! (ノ◕O◕)ノ*:・゚ I am almost done with these costumes.

Melty is coming along very nicely. This costume is so kawaii! Pictured here is her cape, hat, a close up of the top of her dress, garters, and garter belt. The only thing left to do is add ruffles to the gloves, and glitter hearts to the front of the garter belt.

Next is Sailor Ironman!

I am adding snaps to the back of the bow and collar so that everything stays in place. To keep the arc attached to the bow, I will be drilling holes into the bottom and tying it on.

 Here are my Ironman accessories. The tiara was made by WindoftheStars' Cosplay. It is really good quality and super cute. You can't help but feel like a mahō shōjo while wearing it. 

Next time you see these cosplays they will be 100% done!
later babes. xxo

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