Oh hey there.

Hi loves! ~Happy first day of September~ ^^ Who else is super excited that Fall is RIGHT around the corner? (21 days to be exact!) I know I am. Summer has been a bit bleh to me. Too hot, too humid, and I am just not that inspired to dress up and go out in the heat just to melt away and look crazy.

So What's New?

NYCC is 38 days away. 38. Yeah. I've been working on my cosplays like a mad woman. It's been fun, challenging, and frustrating but I have learned so much about sewing. I also plan to go to Nekocon again this year. Hello Kitty will be there so I will be wearing an outfit inspired by her. I'm thinking glittering tulle, rhinestone madness! On top of that I have a list of DIYs to get done for fall/winter. I'll be posting my style direction for these seasons soon. :3

Over the weeks I've also gotten 3 One Piece figures. ♡ Two Luffys and Tony Tony Chopper!

That's it for now! I'll be sure to do a cosplay update soon.

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