Costume Wish list: 2013.

It's that time of year again! When I share my top 10 favorite costumes.

1. Nip Tuck Nurse. I really like how this nurse costume is a bodysuit. Super cute.
2. Arkham City Harley Quinn. I loved her outfit in the game, and this costume looks very close.
3. Stealth Ninja. Sexy ninja? Yes please!
4. Star Wars Darth Vader. I've been looking for a nice female Vader for a bit now. This one is perfect.
5. Hot Metal Mistress. This is the cutest female Ironman costume that I have ever seen.
6. Wednesday Addams. Since Wednesday Addams is my spirit animal, I'd wear this any day.
7. Ursula. Being one of my favorite Disney villains, this costume is a must.
8. Regal Queen of Hearts. I like the high low skirt and the...everything about this haha.
9. Dark Alice. Very kawaii! Tea party ready.
10. Flight Attendant. It's so retro and flirty. ^^

Hope you enjoyed my costume picks. Check out last years for more dress-up fun and inspiration.

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