Turtle Powah!

Hey y'all. A quick ootd of what I wore yesterday.
Bowler Hat: UO. NT Shirt: HT. Studded Belt: HT. Shorts: Unknown. Thigh High Socks: SockDreams. Black Flats: Target. Purse: H&M. Spiked Headband worn as bracelet: Ebay.

 Enjoying the nice weather.

A close up of my shirt. I love how it says Turtle Power on the back. ^^


Yesterday was THORSDAY

Hey there. I had a glorious Thorsday this week and this is what I wore!

Bowler Hat-UO. Shirt-DIY. Blue Galaxy Skirt-HT. Shoes-Target.

To celebrate Thorsday properly I made this shirt. I thought it would pair nicely with my galaxy skirt since Thor is all about them stars. :) Even though it is not noticeable in the pictures, it was raining quite a bit. Not much thunder though. I think Thor was taking it easy.

I hope your Thorsday was fun and that you honored him by getting hammered, hammering a nail into a wall to hang a photo, laying the HAMMER DOWN, or even just simply watching the movie Thor. ^^


Fiend Club.

Hello loves. Quick OOTD. This is what I wore yesterday.
Jean Jacket: Thrifted. Misfit shirt: HT. Skirt: Unknown. Thigh Highs: Some Party Store. Black Flats.

Got that jean jacket for about $6. I plan on bleaching and studding it soon. Decided to wear it out a bit before I change it up. The thigh highs I have on are one of my favorite pairs.
I also wore my spiked headband as a bracelet. That's all for now, babes.
Have a good weekend!


OOTDs & Music Monday.

Hey loves! My laptop was down yesterday, so I have a bit to update on and a music monday.

This past weekend my friend and I went to HorrorCon Blood At The Beach. It was our first time attending! We had a lot of fun and can't wait to return next year. My main motivation for going to this con was to meet Michael Rooker. ♥ Which I did. And he is cute and awesome. And I am happy. This is what I wore!

Spiked Headband. Black Vneck. Ryuk & Skull necklace. Faux leather Skirt: HT. DIY Garter Belt. Thigh Highs: Sock Dreams. Studded Boots: Target.

A close-up of my garter belt. Added lil Merles to the front to show off my Dixon Pride. ;) It was fun to make. I am hooked. Going to make lots more.

Two of my favorite necklaces at the moment. Ryuk is the cutest Shinigami (god of death) ever! I felt it was appropriate to wear him out to a horror con.
Oh! And I wore these bows in my hair. Another way to show my affection towards Merle.

I wore this outfit on the next day. Still in the Dixon spirit, but this time with Daryl.
Bowler Hat. Daryl Dixon Shirt: HT. Spiked Shorts: DIY. Spiked over the knee socks: Ebay. Black Flats.

I am in love with this shirt. It says "If Daryl Dies We Riot". The word riot is in my shorts. Hahaha, not intended.

I leave you with this song by The Sounds. It's one of my favorite songs to sing along to. Hope your day/night has been well.


NYCC Cosplay Update! ♡

I FINALLY decided on two cosplays for New York Comic Con. I've been going back and forth on who I'd like to be for some months now. It's a hard decision to make, haha.

Sailor Iron Man made the cut! I love this design. Super excited to make an arc reactor.

Melty Granite! She is freaking adorable. I also have a thing for big hats.

 Now those are my two main cosplays. If I get them completed and have some time left overrrrrrrr, I will cosplay this version of Miss Harley Quinn. Maybe, just maybe. We shall see!

 Phew, now to get sewing.


Citrullus lanatus

I wore this the other day for a cookout with some friends. Even though it was cloudy and raining that morning, I decided to dress in bright colors and count on the sun to come out. It ended up being a very nice day. The colors of this outfit reminded me of a watermelon.

 Leopard Bunny Wire Headband: DIY. Bracelet: LoveCulture. Necklace: Gift from Mickel. Romper: LoveCulture. Tights: Unknown. Black Flats: H&M.
 I really love that this is a peplum romper. Super cute.

 A closeup of my necklace. Mickel made this for me a little while ago. It's the cutest little chubby unicorn! I named him Wubba ♥.


Jedis & Siths & Things

Happy Star Wars Day! (& Free Comic Book Day!) I got into the spirit by wearing my favorite tank!
Wire Bunny Headband: H&M. Star Wars Tank: Hot Topic. Shorts: Unknown. Lace Tights: Had them so long I forgot. Boots. Purse: H&M.

The back of this tank is my favorite part.

Have a fun weekend everyone!
May the Fourth be with you.