Mall Trip Haul

Last week my friend and I did a little bit of shopping. My main goal was to not buy anything black or striped. I did okay. It was hard not falling into my old shopping ways. My closet is in need of a color boost. Black is great, but I rely on it too much. I only purchased three items, but I am in love with each one!

We went by LoveCulture first. This store has it all. Any trend you can think of at the moment is there. Did you think of something? Yeah, they have it. :) Strolling around the brightly lit store while being distracted by every stripe and space print, I found this romper. It reminds me of something Katy Perry would wear. This came in three colors, but I picked the green since I do not own anything in this color.

In need of more bracelets I found this one. The spikes and roses remind me of the headbands that are popular at the moment. The cream color is nice and it really compliments the romper.

Another goal I had for this shopping trip was finding a cute pair of shorts. I spotted these as we were walking by American Eagle and ran in to get them. Good thing I did because they have a 40% off sale going on. These are the Festival Shortie. I haven't had a pair like these before. They are super comfortable and will be perfect to wear to a Summer concert.

Lastly, I went by H&M and turned in a bag of old clothing for this 15% off coupon. It's good until June 30th, which is nice.

That's all for now~

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