Haul Time

Last Saturday was Record Store Day! To celebrate my friend Mickel and I went by Vinyl Daze Records. I ended up getting this Jimi Hendrix album. It is one of my faves, so I wanted it on vinyl. Vinyl Daze is a really cool record shop. Nice prices and a good selection. Thanks to Mickel for telling me about it!

After the record store, I went by Hot Topic to use a couple of my Hot Cash.

FINALLY picked up this Walking Dead shirt. I love Daryl, so this shirt was needed.

Got this for my hubby to wear when we see Iron Man 3.

I've been looking for a nice skirt like this for a while. This one fits so well. Super cute.

And lastly, some stuff to use on a jean jacket I am customizing. A unicorn patch and some spikes.

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