April Favorites

Hey loves, I'm back with another Monthly Favorites!

1. H&M Black Flats
I was in need of plain black flats and these came to the rescue! They are simple and cute. Plus, I got them 15% off thanks to the coupon I had for donating clothes.

2. Sinful Colors: Forget Now
I've been really into pink lately. A lot more than usual. This nail polish is a nice fun shade I like to wear when it gets warm out. Super girlie and it cheers me up to wear it.

3. LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb
I am a certified LUSH addict, and Twilight is one of my favorite bath bombs. It smells SO good, so sweet, so awesome. I want a perfume that smells like it. This is real love, y'all. I like that it has lavender in it to help me relax. The bonus of this beauty? It turns my bath water a cute color and has a little glitter. Um, hell yeah.

4. Spiked Thigh Highs
Got these beauties from ebay. I am in love with them. Super soft. I will be wearing these in an upcoming ootd.

5. Berry Kiwi Colada Herbal Tea
Dear Teavana, why are you so good? This tea...is so yummy. Very tropical.

6. Guava Papaya Passion White Tea
I actually got this tea to pair up with the first one. Mixed together, these teas make MAGIC. What I love about Teavana teas is mixing them up and making a good tea, incredible. *slow claps* Yes!

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