Hello all! Here's what I have purchased lately!

A group photo of most of the stuff...

Went by Hot Topic and saw this Adventure Time bikini. Had to get it! I love how it has mostly Lady Rainicorn as the design. She is one of my favorite characters.

Psy and Daryl POP! Vinyl figures also from Hot Topic.

H&M Holographic purse that was on sale for $3. Tights from American Apparel. I've been wanting these for a while and finally picked up a pair.

This black under bust halter corset is from Ebay. I got this corset for a Tim Burton party I am hosting soon. Can you guess which character I will be dressed as? Okay I'll tell ya, Edward Scissorhands!
Got my little Harley Quinn a red hoodie from American Apparel to match my hubby and I.

I also picked up a few comics.

Oh! and the other things in the haul which don't have their own pictures are a simple pair of gloves, yep just gloves haha. EOS lip balm that tastes like sugar, sugar! Aaand velvet American Apparel leggings in red...which are super cozy.

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