It's Snowing!

"Cool 'em off!"-Snow that Hero dude
Finally, we get a nice amount of snow! In what seemed like minutes, the ground was covered in this magical sparkling sky ice when I looked outside. It all happened so fast, daaahling.

I do realize this is my second post in a row about precipitation, haha! Is it snowing where you are? Does your Snow yell "Seeeeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" as it falls?


Rain Go Rain...

It's Raining. It's Raining.

It has been raining for the past few days. To celebrate my friend and I have been listening to Rain (). It's just the right thing to do. Don't you agree?


Comfy Pink and Gray look fit for a Princess

It has been nice outside for the last few days. The warm air makes me long for Spring and Summer. Yesterday I went around town with my Hubhub to run errands and this is what I wore.
Spiked Headband- Ebay | Grey Cardi- Forever21 Sleeveless Skull Tee- Urban Outfitters |
Pink Dress- Forever21 | Grey stockings- Express | Shoes- H&M

This headband is very comfy and was a great price. It is easily a new favorite of mine. I found the cardi a few years ago while looking through a F21 sale rack. It was on sale for $4. I love the sleeves! Has a bit of a princess feel to it. The skull tee is a nice UO find from the summer. The dress I am wearing is a fave of mine. The buttons fell off of the straps, so now I wear it as a halter. I love to layer shirts over it so it looks like a skirt. It is so bright and pretty.

Have a good day loves.


First Kpop Mix

If you know me, you know I am in a relationship with kpop. It is addicting, amazing, and fantastic...baby. I haven't made a mix in a while, so here are 24 of my favorite kpop songs.


It's a new year.

Hello loves. It is 2013! Right now I have been focusing on my goals and it feels Magical! (my word for this year) (ノ◕O◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It's refreshing. A new year to fill with new magic.

Here is a list of my main goals...
1. Read more.
2. Start a clothing line.
3. Record a song. I love to sing. One of my dreams is to have my own album. Gotta start somewhere!
4. Become fluent in Japanese (again) and Korean.
5. Romance myself more.
6. Be healthier. Actually work out, eat more veggies, etc.

Here's to hoping we all actually stick to our goals and not quit them after two months haha!
Cheers to a new year!