Kdrama Madness!!!

Hi, my name is DanaBelle...and I am addicted to Korean Dramas.

It all started a couple of months ago when I saw Full House was added to Netflix. I completed the whole series in two weeks.

Can I just say that Full House is freaking amazing! *slow claps* Seriously might re-watch it because I loved it so much. Once I finished this drama, I was left feeling restless. I wanted MORE! More funny, cute, heartwarming love stories. Thankfully Netflix knew and gave me tons of suggestions, so I watched Flower Boy Ramen Shop. It quickly became one of my favorites. Very funny and lovable characters. This drama also left me wanting ramen all the time. A delicious problem :3

Now I have a list of dramas I'd like to watch <3.

1. Answer me 1997 2. Secret Garden 3. Scent of a Woman 4. Love Rain 5. Full house Take 2 6. Iris 7. Personal Taste 8. HeartStrings 9. The King Of Dramas 10. My Girl

Do you watch Korean dramas? What are your favorites?

p.s.- Speaking of Secret Garden :3 This parody by Big Bang is a favorite.

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