Meet FluffRi!

This is my new friend FluffRi. He's of the Bigfoot variety, and was made with love by Shlii. Who is this Shlii you ask? Well, she's a magical cat girl who creates cute creatures to love and cuddle with.

Now FluffRi is an adorable little thang. He may look intimidating at first, you know being Bigfoot and all that mythological gangster stuff, but on the inside he's a marshmallow!

He loves to sing and dance to SeungRi songs

hide in blankets

and creep on Gloomy Bear.

So there he is, the adorable FluffRi. ;3


Kdrama Madness!!!

Hi, my name is DanaBelle...and I am addicted to Korean Dramas.

It all started a couple of months ago when I saw Full House was added to Netflix. I completed the whole series in two weeks.

Can I just say that Full House is freaking amazing! *slow claps* Seriously might re-watch it because I loved it so much. Once I finished this drama, I was left feeling restless. I wanted MORE! More funny, cute, heartwarming love stories. Thankfully Netflix knew and gave me tons of suggestions, so I watched Flower Boy Ramen Shop. It quickly became one of my favorites. Very funny and lovable characters. This drama also left me wanting ramen all the time. A delicious problem :3

Now I have a list of dramas I'd like to watch <3.

1. Answer me 1997 2. Secret Garden 3. Scent of a Woman 4. Love Rain 5. Full house Take 2 6. Iris 7. Personal Taste 8. HeartStrings 9. The King Of Dramas 10. My Girl

Do you watch Korean dramas? What are your favorites?

p.s.- Speaking of Secret Garden :3 This parody by Big Bang is a favorite.