Nekocon 15.

A little late, but here is a quick update of how my weekend at Nekocon 15 was. It was a long and interesting weekend, but overall I had lots of fun spending time with my friends.

On Friday I was Meowth from Pokemon. Kind of funny how I keep picking Pokemon cosplays for my cozy friday one haha! Mickel was GD from Butterfly and Shlii was San from Princess Mononoke! Here is a group picture of us Pon Wei Crayers!

This is what I got in the dealers room on friday. There were two Kpop tables. Very surprising to see, but great! I finally picked up a hard copy of SeungRi's mini album. Also, Mickel made a Crayon bag for us to, well get our Crayon Crayooon in.

Saturday I wore a fun cosplay of Ame-Comi Duela Dent. I was so happy to finally wear this. It was definitely a challenge to make, but I think it helped me to improve in my cosplay/sewing.
Here I am photobombing good ol' batsie! He's my favorite Bat. Don't you agree?

A group shot of the girls! Me being a Duela Dentdent, Mickel- GD, Charlene- Wonder Woman, Shlii- San.

 This is the dinner of champions. Gotta love instant noodles.

The other stuff I got at Neko. Gloomy Bear gloves and a Yoko Figure my husband surprised me with!

On Sunday I was a super tired Lebreau from FFXIII/XIII-2. I made myself Earl of Lemongrab to express my feelings that morning haha! Check out Mickel's awesome GD hoodie! Shlii got a big headed pup pup :3.

Tadaa! A super short but sugary sweet glimpse of my weekend at Nekocon.

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