Big Bang Alive Tour 2012

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of going to the Big Bang concert in NJ with my friend Mickel. Let me just get this out there asap...IT WAS AWESOME! They put on such an amazing show! I am so happy we got to be there and I love that they are such hard working and talented men.

Before the show we met a few lovely VIPs (Hey Guys!), I purchased a Light stick <3, got our photo taken by a YG photographer, and waited anxiously to get to our seats. Everyone we encountered inside was friendly as well. It was nice being at this huge venue and feeling accepted and welcomed by all the other fans.

My light stick

We are in the first left corner! Mickel wore a rockin' Big Bang jacket that she made herself! It is glorious. We both wore our crowns. Hers glows and mine is a DIY with SeungRi's name on it <3. I also wore a devil horn and an old jacket of mine that I spiked. I meant to take an ootd, but you know I was excited and forgot. haha.

Mickel being cute.

Smiles all around!

I teared up at the beginning and end of this concert which is a new experience for me. Big Bang is bringing out these feels. It took a while for me to process what concert we were at and what musical journey we would all be taken on until the curtain dropped.
Inside the venue.

Before the concert started.

The beginning of the concert!!

The guys.

GD & T.O.P

Daesung singing 'Wings'.

What an Angel!

All in all I had an absolute blast that night and cannot wait until their next US tour. ♡ ♡ ♡

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