busy little honey maker

Hello everyone! I am here! Here I am! Haha I've been super busy getting my cosplays together for Nekocon, which has really snuck up on me. It's next weekend. Time warp, anyone?! I plan to cosplay Meowth on Friday, Ame-Comi Duela Dent Saturday, and FFXIII-2 Lebreau Sunday.

I'm also getting ready for the Big Bang concert in NJ. I am sososo excited and can't wait to get my Boom shaka laka on. I've made a crown with SeungRi on it (which you may have seen on my Instagram) <3 and my outfit is almost complete! AHH! Excited isn't even the word. More like ecstatic.

Modeled by my Skull Vodka named Chad.

Later Bunnies!


Music Monday: Muse Live

Happy October everyone!! Muse is here to start off this lovely month and monday. Their new album "The 2nd Law" will be released in the US tomorrow and I couldn't be happier!