Cosplay Progress: Lebreau!

Nekocon is right around the corner, and I'm in major cosplay construction mode. Ahh! This is what I have done for my Lebreau cosplay!

Pictured here is the bra, bracelet, skirt, and one of the thigh highs. This cosplay has a lot of firsts for me. I've never made a bra or ruffled skirt before. The bra was the hardest piece so far. I used an old triangle bikini top for a pattern and winged the rest of it. I had a lot of fun putting the skirt together! The top of it is like a little fanny pack. All that is left for the skirt is to paint the design on it. (and wipe the chalk off :D) For the thigh highs, I used an old pair of wet look leggings from Forever21 and cut them up. I then sewed the two wet look pieces onto a fishnet thigh high from Party City. Now I just need to add a lace trim and garter. The bracelet was a plain white bangle from the craft store that I sanded down and painted.

I just recently purchased this shirt to make her top. First I am going to dye the shirt to the very light lavender her's is! Then I will mold it into LeBreau's LeTop!

That's all for now. Next, I will do an update for my Duela Dent cosplay. <3

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