25 things I love at 25.

Photo by Sweet Trade Photography

I turned 25 yesterday! I am excited to start new adventures and challenge myself to reach my goals. It's always a good time to reflect on everything when you turn a year older. It's like a new year, a fresh start for yourself. I'm ready to go for it and be the best Glitter Queen I can be.

I wanted to make a fun list of what makes me smile at the moment. <3

1. Having a wonderful family and good friends. So many good friends, it's humbling.
2. Being a woman. :)
3. Hanging out with a good friend or two on Thorsday.
4. GD & TOP of Big Bang and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with their inspiring style and good music.
5. Purple Lipstick.
6. Star printed clothing.
7. Push up bras.
8. A good glass of wine.
9. Big hugs.
10. Platform shoes.
11. Puppies! Especially my Boston Harley Quinn <3.
12. Baking Cakes.
13. Finding Adventure.
14. Believing in magic and love.
15. Giving gifts in ridiculous packaging.
16. Unexplainable laugher.
17. Using workout moves on the dance floor.
18. Inside jokes.
19. How everyone has a good heart deep down.
20. Romance.
21. Playing in the rain.
22. When glittery shoes leave a Unicorn trail.
23. The Necklace Nebula.

24. Glitter!!!
25. This mix.

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