Music Monday: Fashion Monster

Hello Monday. We meet again! It's time to combat the Monday blues with something kawaii. Today's song is by the amazing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and is called "Fashion Monster"! This video is creepy and cute with a dash of sweet. I love her hair and outfit!! <3



Hello Fall!

Fall is here! The weather is slowly getting cooler, costumes are out(<3!!!), pumpkin scented everything in candle shops...I am a happy little Unicorn. This is my favorite season.

I am also super excited and happy today becaaaaaaaaause... My friend Mickel and I are going to see Big Bang!!!!!!!! I don't think that was enough exclamation points so...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There that seems about right. :3 This concert is going to be amazing. <3

Again, Happy Fall everyone! Hope you're all having a great day and have an awesome weekend.


Music Monday: Crayon

This week's music monday is G-DRAGON's latest single 'CRAYON'! This song is on his first mini album "One of a Kind" and is very fun and addicting! I love the MV. It's visually pleasing. Eye candy galoreeeee! :3


Costume Wish List

Being a cosplayer, I love this time of the year when stores start selling costumes. There are so many cute ones! How's a girl to choose? I simply couldn't pick one, so I made a list of the top ten that I wish to have.

1. The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman After seeing this movie, I was convinced that I needed to be as sexy and cool as Catwoman. This costume should help, right?
2. Nurse Harley Quinn This Arkham Asylum Harley costume is so cute and a must have for a HQ lover like myself.
3. Sugar and Spice Cupcake It's a cute dress with cupcakes on it and a whipped cream headband. What more could I ask for?!
4. Coke bottle I would wear this to the Coke museum, or just to hang out in (sans the bottle cap).
5. Beetlejuice Stripes! My obsession with stripes is thanks to Beetlejuice, so of course I love this.
6. Mummy Girl Such a cute mummy inspired dress.
7. Poison Nurse I really love nurse costumes right now.
8. Miss Scissorhands I love the belts.
9. Genie This is really cute and looks pretty comfy.
10. Sailor Moon Lately I've been wanting to fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight...

Which are your favorites? Do you also have a costume wish list?


25 things I love at 25.

Photo by Sweet Trade Photography

I turned 25 yesterday! I am excited to start new adventures and challenge myself to reach my goals. It's always a good time to reflect on everything when you turn a year older. It's like a new year, a fresh start for yourself. I'm ready to go for it and be the best Glitter Queen I can be.

I wanted to make a fun list of what makes me smile at the moment. <3

1. Having a wonderful family and good friends. So many good friends, it's humbling.
2. Being a woman. :)
3. Hanging out with a good friend or two on Thorsday.
4. GD & TOP of Big Bang and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with their inspiring style and good music.
5. Purple Lipstick.
6. Star printed clothing.
7. Push up bras.
8. A good glass of wine.
9. Big hugs.
10. Platform shoes.
11. Puppies! Especially my Boston Harley Quinn <3.
12. Baking Cakes.
13. Finding Adventure.
14. Believing in magic and love.
15. Giving gifts in ridiculous packaging.
16. Unexplainable laugher.
17. Using workout moves on the dance floor.
18. Inside jokes.
19. How everyone has a good heart deep down.
20. Romance.
21. Playing in the rain.
22. When glittery shoes leave a Unicorn trail.
23. The Necklace Nebula.

24. Glitter!!!
25. This mix.


Cosplay Progress: Lebreau!

Nekocon is right around the corner, and I'm in major cosplay construction mode. Ahh! This is what I have done for my Lebreau cosplay!

Pictured here is the bra, bracelet, skirt, and one of the thigh highs. This cosplay has a lot of firsts for me. I've never made a bra or ruffled skirt before. The bra was the hardest piece so far. I used an old triangle bikini top for a pattern and winged the rest of it. I had a lot of fun putting the skirt together! The top of it is like a little fanny pack. All that is left for the skirt is to paint the design on it. (and wipe the chalk off :D) For the thigh highs, I used an old pair of wet look leggings from Forever21 and cut them up. I then sewed the two wet look pieces onto a fishnet thigh high from Party City. Now I just need to add a lace trim and garter. The bracelet was a plain white bangle from the craft store that I sanded down and painted.

I just recently purchased this shirt to make her top. First I am going to dye the shirt to the very light lavender her's is! Then I will mold it into LeBreau's LeTop!

That's all for now. Next, I will do an update for my Duela Dent cosplay. <3