Urban Outfitters Haul

A new Urban Outfitters has opened up in my area! I went to check it out on opening day. It is a nice three story store. These are the items I purchased on my first visit to the new UO.

Hometown Heroes Dripping Skull Muscle Tee I really like this Skull tee. It's the first muscle I have ever purchased. It looks cute under a jacket/blazer.
SOHO Studded Bracelet The studded bracelet is pretty comfortable. It is a bit big on my little wrist, but I like the way it looks.
UO Nail Polish- The Sparkle Collection in Dust and After Hours These nail polishes are a lot of fun. I tried a little swatch of them and I'm very happy to say that there is lots of glitter on the brush at all times. I love that since I've gotten many other polishes where the glitter wouldn't leave the bottle.
Floral Mood Lipstick I picked up one of the mood lipsticks, curious to see what color it would turn. Mine shows up as a nice pinky color.
Floral Print Opaque Tight  The floral tights are mainly for Fall, to wear under long sweaters and with dresses that need a little sprucing up.
Cooperative Dandy Cord Loafer Lastly, the shoes. These loafers are very comfortable and so frigging cute. I've been looking for nice black flats that I can wear year round and these are it! I may also get these in hot pink later.

Well that is it for my haul. <3

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