Unicorn Appreciation Day

To celebrate all things Unicorn, I wanted to share some of the clothing and items I adore that are inspired by these wonderful creatures.
 1. Maria Videl Inc. Unicorn Headband  2. RIP Unicorn Sleep Mask 3. Corkscrew-nicorn 4. Hell Bunny Zombie Unicorn dress  

This is one of the cutest Kigurumis I have ever seen. It is from CozyPajamas.com.

CL from 2ne1 wearing a Unicorn dress from the Jeremy Scott F/W 2012 line. This dress is so amazing, and CL looks stunning in it.

And last but not least, you can't have a day of Unicorn love without the Queen of Unicorns: Doe Deere!
Photo by Steve Prue

 From her style to her makeup line (Lime Crime Makeup), Unicorn is in her blood. She even has a lipstick named "Airborne Unicorn". <3 Here is her post about the wonderful unicorn outfit she is wearing in this photo. It's so sparkly, I love it!

Another awesome way to appreciate Unicorns is by playing Robot Unicorn! I love this game. It is insanely addictive.

Of course to me, everyday is a day to feel like a Unicorn, Royalty, or whathaveyou. So throw on some glitter, drink champagne and dance about every chance you get! Have a wonderful weekend. ^^

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