My Spring and Summer Style: The WonderChild

Source: ilovewildfox.com

Every time the seasons change I like to reinvent my style a bit. Different temperatures call for different ways of dress! My new s/s style is inspired by a huge mix of others. I dress how I feel, so this style I am taking on is very broad and playful. I've titled my s/s style The WonderChild. A WonderChild is free spirited, colorful, loving and warm.

What I will be wearing more of:
Crop Tops
Dyed Shorts
Pinks, Purples, Pastels
Flower crowns
Heck even regular crowns
Sheer Fabrics
High-Low Skirts and Dresses
Thigh High socks and stockings
Hair in whatever color fits my mood
And I'll always have rock candy with me.

Of course with a new style direction comes a new wishlist! Here are the clothes and shoes I am lusting after...

I am going to soak up the sun and be a wild and carefree WonderChild this summer. Join me?

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