Music Mon(del rey)day

Monday, monday. Today's song is the Liam Walds dubstep remix of "Video Games" by Lana Del Rey. If you want to hear the original song as well, click here. Alright, I'm going to go dye my hair and continue to get ready for our trip. Later Bunnies.


Sososo Excited

Soon, my husband (Zachary ♥) and I will be vacationing in Orlando, fl. I am ecstatic because...


More Disney Please

For the first time ever, we are frolicking our way to Disney World! I can’t wait to ride the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean about 100 times then see the fireworks at the Cinderella Castle! I’ve been going nuts planning my outfit, haha. I may wear something Peter pan or Snow White inspired? Or maybe not. Who knows, I will most likely do a whole post about my theme park fashion aspirations.

We’re also going to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. Which means The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Of course we are going to try Butterbeer and I will geek out in Ollivanders and Zonko's. I am a proud Hufflepuff, if you were wondering. :)

Also excited to see The Avengers. I love Iron Man. Ahem...love. I will most likely be wearing something red and gold to the movie.


MUSEic Monday!

I'm in the mood for MUSE. If you know me, you know that I am a huge Muse fan. They are glorious and really nice guys. I've seen them perform twice and meet them once when they were doing their U.S. tour. The Muse song I wanted to post today is one of my many favorites. Oh, who am I kidding? Here's three Muse songs, since I can't possibly pick one haha.

First, one of my favorite Muse performances of the song "Cave".

Next, the music video for "Bliss"!

And the third song, "Eternally Missed".


Music Monday:Royksopp

I have been listening to a lot of Royksopp lately, so I picked one of their songs for today's post. It is 'Happy Up Here' from their album "Junior". Enjoy!


My Spring and Summer Style: The WonderChild

Source: ilovewildfox.com

Every time the seasons change I like to reinvent my style a bit. Different temperatures call for different ways of dress! My new s/s style is inspired by a huge mix of others. I dress how I feel, so this style I am taking on is very broad and playful. I've titled my s/s style The WonderChild. A WonderChild is free spirited, colorful, loving and warm.

What I will be wearing more of:
Crop Tops
Dyed Shorts
Pinks, Purples, Pastels
Flower crowns
Heck even regular crowns
Sheer Fabrics
High-Low Skirts and Dresses
Thigh High socks and stockings
Hair in whatever color fits my mood
And I'll always have rock candy with me.

Of course with a new style direction comes a new wishlist! Here are the clothes and shoes I am lusting after...

I am going to soak up the sun and be a wild and carefree WonderChild this summer. Join me?


Here's what I've been up to lately...

Last night I had a fun photoshoot with my friend Brian! Afterwards, my husband and I decided to get some food.

Taco Bell. The meal of champions.

I'm wearing some clothes I threw on after the shoot.

What I'm Wearing:
H&M- Tank Top
Express- Sweater
Free People- Pants
H&M- Wedges
DIY Flower Crown

I am currently working on a new hair accessory, well more like a few of them. They're inspired by space, food, and anime of course! Speaking of anime, I've been watching so much lately it's getting crazy. I just started watching B Gata H Kei & Haganai I also want to check out Heaven's Lost Property. I may find or make a widget for this blog so you can see what I am currently watching and reading. What other anime should I check out?

My cosplay progress is barely moving along haha. ^^ If you haven't seen my post on my old blog on who I am cosplaying this year, here it is on OtakuCrafts! I did start one of them, then hated it and now I'm starting over again. You always learn how to improve your cosplay by making mistakes, right?

That is all for now!



This is my first Outfit Of The Day on this blog :). Today I decided to dress a bit warm, since it's been chilly outside this weekend.

What I Wore:
Express- Black sweater top
Charlotte Russe- Boots

 My bag is from Kohls.

I seriously love these leggings, sososo much.

I wore my cute and lovely Glittered CosmoHop in my hair. It's a fun diy I did a while ago.


Music Monday: Getting Mainstream with it!

Oh Monday, you can be so hard on us. I found the perfect mix to make the day better. Some times it's fun to listen to good old mainstream music! Sing and dance your Monday blues away!


New Blog Home!

✩ Hello everyone! ✩

I am now blogging here. Same old blog, new place! Welcome to DanaBellaRella's new home!