Hello Darlings!

Hey. It's been a while. Well, longer than a while. I didn't mean to not post anything for this long of a period, but I'm back from my "little" break.

Things got a bit busy after my last post. It has also been so...cold out. Which means I haven't been in the mood to do much of anything but sit in a blanket fort and drink wine. So, here I am. Back at the blog! I guess I should do a quick update of what I am up to, huh?

Today I am happy to publish my cosplay site. I really wanted a space to put all my cosplay and con plans. I'll still somewhat talk about cosplay on here, but if you really want to get all the details go to MissDanaBelle

Other than that, I have been patiently waiting for warmer weather to stick around. Today a Titan is tearing down the nice weather walls, eating our dreams of sunbathing, and snowing/ice raining on our happiness.

Just look at this jerk. Levi halp!
On a serious note, I hope everyone stays safe during this storm. I also hope this is the last of these awful winter storms. Love you guys!


Photo from: Funimation Blog



Time for an update! I have been a little busy lately, so I'll post what I've been up to so far this month!
✩  ✩  ✩  ✩ ♥ ✩  ✩  ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩  ✩ ♥ 

I went to Nekocon. Ended up making a Totoro inspired outfit to wear. I had a lot of fun. Saw some friends and made great memories. This photo of my outfit is by Yenra Photography!

Here's an ootd from today! The weather has been up and down, but it's finally cold enough to wear a sweater! This one is a favorite of mine. It's super warm. I don't even need to wear a jacket with it.


Music Monday: もったいないとらんど!

Hello and Happy Music Monday! It has been a while since I have done one of these~
Today's song is by the lovely Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. It is called Mottai Night LandI really enjoy watching this MV! It is colorful and creative as all of her videos are. I also really love this song and it's melody. For the romanized and english translation of the lyrics click here.


NYCC 2013!

I recently attended New York Comic Con, and had a grand ol' time. I went all four days with a group of friends. I have never had so much fun at a con before. This is the best one I have attended so far. There were so many people and everyone was very nice and social. I really enjoyed cosplaying at a con this size as well. I'll do a quick day by day run down so you know what I was up to.

First day of the con. I was all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Not at all ready for how overwhelmed I would be once we walked in. :) I basically just explored the main areas, checked out the Kotobukiya panel, and met some sweet people.
With Cupcake and LeeAnna. Such a happy photo.

 I cosplayed Melty Granite. I am beyond thrilled by how much people enjoyed this costume. All that hard work really paid off! I was even photographed for mtv. View that here!

 This day ended up being the most pleasantly random. Had a wonderful photo shoot with Shelley, that I can't wait to see the photos of! She is so nice and I had a lot of fun working with her. Earlier that day, as I was waiting for my shoot, Ming of Comic book Men walked right by me! Of course I was hit by the shy bug and was not able to say hi. NEXT TIME. After the shoot, my bestie and I ended up playing Just Dance for a show that was streaming live. It was pretty hilarious. I had no clue what I was doing but somehow won. Go figure! We later explored artist alley some more.

Another day a new cosplay. This time as Sailor Ironman. A few people were confused and thought I was Sailor Mars. Haha no biggie. ^^ Went to the Once Upon a Time panel! It was actually the only panel I made it to that day. I attempted to go to The Walking Dead panel, but it was already full. We decided to go relax a bit before going to the NYCC Cosplay Afterparty. My friend, hubby and I got to meet Yaya Han there. She is stunning. Her cosplay was flawless. I am sososo happy to have met her.
 I changed out of my boots because they were not kind to me. :P ouchy.

The last day. By this time I was completely out of it, but still not ready for the con to end. I spent the day admiring cosplayers and shopping around artist alley and the show floor. As I was going about the show floor I realized I missed SO MUCH STUFF. I have no clue how I didn't see everything the other 3 days haha. Here is what I ended up buying!

Two Harley Quinn prints from Jamie Tyndall (who is one of my favorite artist, check him out!). I plan to cosplay one of these. A print of the beautiful LeeAnnaVAMP.

I am very happy to have gotten these two books! Shakespeare Star Wars was such a fun find. The chopsticks were a gift from the Kotobukiya toy panel. Can't wait to use these. Also grabbed a FiendorFauxx shirt at Vampybitme's booth. I just love it!! This shirt is definitely an instant fave.

There you have it! A little bit of my experience at nycc. I didn't even mention half of the stuff I did! It was a fun time but it is nice to be home sweet home. Time to unwind and not wear makeup for a week! :D


Cosplay Update!

Throw the confetti because it is time for a cosplay update! (ノ◕O◕)ノ*:・゚ I am almost done with these costumes.

Melty is coming along very nicely. This costume is so kawaii! Pictured here is her cape, hat, a close up of the top of her dress, garters, and garter belt. The only thing left to do is add ruffles to the gloves, and glitter hearts to the front of the garter belt.

Next is Sailor Ironman!

I am adding snaps to the back of the bow and collar so that everything stays in place. To keep the arc attached to the bow, I will be drilling holes into the bottom and tying it on.

 Here are my Ironman accessories. The tiara was made by WindoftheStars' Cosplay. It is really good quality and super cute. You can't help but feel like a mahō shōjo while wearing it. 

Next time you see these cosplays they will be 100% done!
later babes. xxo